Time for a change

I can’t stop myself from saying it: 2020’s been quite the year.

In March, when the UK came to a standstill, I started writing blog posts about the pandemic-induced lockdown. It seemed as if normal life had been paused, and I didn’t know what to expect for my business.

My Christmas tree
Christmas 2020

Three-quarters of a year later, I realise I am one of the lucky ones. The editing goes on, and I’m fortunate to already be used to working from home.

In the autumn, I began thinking about regeneration, and relaunching my business and its blog. I’ve called myself Liz Jones Editorial Solutions for more than a decade now, and run the Eat Sleep Edit Repeat blog for several years, and although my business does what it says on the tin (I still do solve people’s editorial problems), I’ve been feeling for a while that the name doesn’t fully reflect my ethos as an editor. So I started casting around for a new brand identity.

In the new year, I’ll be relaunching as Responsive Editing, and blogging from my new website (coming soon!). This is therefore the last post on this blog – and I’m grateful to everyone who’s read and shared my ramblings, and commented on them, in the last few years. You can find me on Twitter and LinkedIn, where I’ll share the details of the new website and blog in due course.


  1. I hope the rebranding goes well! I did it myself a couple of years ago and although I’m not sure it’s made much difference to my clients (I should probably find some way of measuring that, shouldn’t I?), it’s certainly helped me focus on the kind of projects I prefer to do and why.

    I think it’s a shame to abandon Eat Sleep Edit Repeat as a blog title, though – I like it for several reasons, partly because it’s the alternative name of one of my favourite films (Live. Die. Repeat)


    1. Thanks, Jane. Yes, I don’t necessarily expect it to make a vast difference to my client base or my work in the short term. It’s more a change of emphasis. And the blog will live on in spirit (and possibly name, not yet decided), but on the new website rather than standing alone.


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