My privacy policy

As part of being a responsible business owner, here’s what I do to protect your data and comply with the GDPR. In compiling this list, I have benefited from information collated and shared by editorial colleagues, in particular Mary McCauley (in two posts written by Bernadette Kearns) and Melanie Thompson.

Work files

  • Most of my work is digital. I keep current digital files on a password-protected machine used only by me. I also work in the cloud via a paid-for, password-protected Dropbox account. If a specific client requires me to I will use a different method of cloud collaboration.
  • I back up old work files to a separate hard drive. I find it helpful to keep these old files for a number of years, and this helps my clients, too – for example, if they need me to refer back to something that they might have lost.
  • If you would prefer me to delete files when I have finished working on them, or not to work on them in the cloud, I will of course comply with this.
  • Some of the work I do is on hard copy. This tends to be paper proofs of books or other documents, and does not include personal data. The only client data I do keep is contact information in the form of letterheads, or old invoicing/remittance information. My hard-copy financial records date back to 2008 and are securely stored in my house.
  • I will not share client work with any third party without written permission.

Contact details

  • I keep contact details for my clients in my email program, which is password-protected and accessed via a password-protected computer or phone, and used only by me.
  • I also keep contact details in my accounting app, for the purposes of invoicing. These details are accessed only by me and my accountant.
  • I will contact you to discuss current projects in the course of our work together, and occasionally to let you know of my availability for future work.
  • I will not share your contact details with any third party without written permission.
  • If you would like to know what contact details I hold for you, please ask – and similarly if you would like me to remove you from my contacts.
  • I do not send out newsletters to my clients.

Website and blog

  • I blog regularly, and people who have signed up to be notified by email of new blog posts will receive emails from me at this time.
  • The list of email accounts of people who have signed up to receive emails is contained in a password-protected WordPress account, and I do not use these details for any other purpose. Please ask if at any time you would like me to remove you from this list.
  • I do not currently use Google Analytics (I know, I know).
  • I do not have a contact form on my website, so collect no information that way.


  1. Thanks for sharing, Liz. I think the only thing I would add (and I plan to when I do my PP) is along the lines that no client information or work I store is shared with a third party without the written permission of, or request by, the client. For example, if I have a contractor work on a client’s document or communicate with a client directly because I’m away, I always get the client’s permission beforehand.

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